I'm a stylist and storyteller with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Style is an extension of my creative expression. I especially enjoy working with photographers, videographers, and art directors to bring their visions to life by telling a story with clothes. 


I'm a forever fan of fashion, growing up in Illinois wearing two different colored high tops to grammar school, even earning the nick name "Imelda Marcos" for my eclectic shoe collection. I gravitate towards vintage pieces for the love of history and timeless craftsmanship. I love mixing old with new for unexpected looks and pops of personality.


I've gained a reputation of bringing the fun to projects. It's probably the comedian or small Liza Minnelli in me. If you enjoy jokes, killer tunes, and won't mind the occasional happy dance over the perfect look, then we should definitely work together!



Lauren Frost

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